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There’s so much health and beauty information out there that it’s sometimes impossible to sort through them all. Fortunately, now with the new Health and Beauty segment on Physique TV, we’ll take the guess work out of the picture by providing you with the finest tips on health, beauty, fitness, nutrition and much more!

How To:  Step by step skin care routine How To:  Mix up your workout How To:  Exercise out of the gym
How To:  Transform your makeup from day to night How To:  Keep your skin clear How To:  Dance your way to fitness
How To:  Stay in shape How To:  Have gorgeous skin How To:  Choose trendy beach wear
How To:  Relieve stress with aromatherapy How To:  Have a good diet How To:  Choose the right clothes for hot weather
How To:  Pick the right makeup colors How To:  Get the model look